Virtual Concierge Software Features


Version 1

Version 2

Custom-Designed Apple iOS and Android AppsYesYes
Google Maps & Directions FunctionalityYesYes
Ability to Make ReservationsYesYes
Install Your App on Unlimited DevicesYesYes
Updates and Revisions IncludedYesYes
Versions of Your Mobile App to be available On Apple iTunes & Google Play StoresYesYes
Photos, Videos, Brochures, Property LayoutYesYes
Custom Interactive WebsiteYesYes
In-App Web IntegrationYesYes
Full Service Content Management ServicesYesYes
First Priority Tech SupportYesYes
User Analytics AvailableYesYes
Analytic Presentation ~ Ability to showcase analytic information better without existing Google accountYes
Push Notifications ~ Ability to incorporate within API backend [App could display pop-up message]_Yes
Email | Share | Print Function ~ Social Media log-in integration [sharing]_Yes
Pinch & Zoom Photos ~ Ability to self-enlarge images_Yes
Multi-Lingual ~ Setting within App that allows user to choose language preferences _Yes
Member Profile | Rewards Program ~ Ability to sign in and enter member preferences_Yes
Pre-Arrival Arrangement [Bookings] ~ Ability to order services and make reservations prior to check-in_Yes
Highlight Favorites for Future Visits_Yes
Bookings ~ Ability for guests to book their next stay_Yes
Survey Integration_Yes
360º Virtual Tour_Yes
Department Requests_Yes
TripAdvisor Integration_Yes
Rating the App ~ Pop up feature requesting user to rate the App for Apple App/Google Play Store_Yes
Flight Information ~ Local flight information with tracking_Yes
Directions to and from the Hotel | Maps_Yes
App For Large Screens ~ Ability to showcase app on large screens [Television Screens]_Yes
Front Desk Support | Service Express_Yes
Concierge Chat | Message Center_Yes
Template[s] Options ~ Ability to choose from template options for App and API backend_Yes
Background Color Options ~ Ability to custom color background for App and API backend_Yes
Navigation Color Options ~ Ability to custom color navigation features for App and API backend_Yes