Web and Mobile App for Villas

Virtual Concierge makes the perfect complement to any resort or villa. Our custom application for villas ensures your guests have a successful trip from start to finish. When it comes to the villa travel business, local expertise and first-rate amenities are crucial to the quality of your guests’ vacation.

Virtual Concierge saves you time and enhances the experience of your visitors by packaging all of the information and recommendations they need into one elegant application. Your custom villa mobile app enables your guests to begin interacting with your property before they ever arrive. Our advanced hospitality technology allows you to share your years of knowledge about the area in order to help your visitors design their own dream vacation.

With Virtual Concierge, your guests can use their smart phone or tablet to:

  • Access photos and videos of the villas
  • Find maps and directions
  • Get on-site restaurant information
  • Make reservations for dining and services
  • Get information on available amenities
  • Access digital brochures and property layouts
  • Take a virtual tour of the villas and property
  • Learn about attractions in the surrounding areas
  • Receive notifications and special offers
Villa Mobile App

Highlight Your Property with a Villa Rental Mobile App

Villas represent the utmost in luxurious and unique travel experiences. When searching for the perfect villa or resort to stay in, travelers are not simply looking for a bed and a roof over their heads. They’re seeking out a certain environment and very specific pleasures and conveniences.

In today’s competitive travel market, it’s more important than ever for villa owners to distinguish their properties from the competition and showcase all the lavish amenities and beautiful scenery they have to offer. These private residences often have much more visual appeal to exhibit than the traditional hotel.

With Virtual Concierge, your custom branded mobile and web app can be used to promote unique and striking villa features, including:

  • Lush and manicured gardens, courtyards or vineyards
  • Extravagant water features, whether it’s the pool, a fountain, or private ocean view
  • Terraces or balconies with breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery
  • Elegant furnishings, luxurious appliances and stylish interior design
  • Outdoor living areas and fully equipped kitchens

Virtual Concierge showcases your villa and its exclusive amenities 24 hours a day. Since your villa’s app is custom branded and tailored to highlight your unique offerings, it’s more convenient than ever for guests to learn about their dining options, find special features and facilities, learn about special events, and see detailed pictures of your villas right from their mobile device.

With the option to make reservations for restaurants and facilities at their fingertips, guests can create a custom itinerary for their stay at your property. Additionally, guests can make special requests from the mobile app without needing to wait for arrival. With your custom mobile app, guests can take full advantage of the villas’ features at their convenience.

Increase Villa Guest Satisfaction with Interactive Technology

Give the guests at your villas another opportunity to connect with your property. A mobile concierge app lets you begin building a relationship with your guests before they arrive and helps build anticipation for their visit. Guests can get access to vital information about your property at any time of day or night and can begin exploring your property and the surrounding areas well before arrival. With a concierge mobile app on their smart phone or tablet, your guests can connect with the special features of your property and begin building a relationship right from their mobile device.

Get More Return Visits with Virtual Concierge

After your guests depart, your custom mobile app remains in your their smart phone or tablet. Another souvenir from their trip, it can not only remind them of their stay at your property, but also encourage them to begin planning their return trip. The mobile app icon itself is a reminder of their visit and their wonderful experience at your villas. As you make updates to the mobile concierge app, guests will receive the updates and have the most up to date information about your property. With one click, they can begin exploring current travel specials and make return reservations from their smart phone or tablet.

With a custom mobile app from Virtual Concierge, your guests can begin connecting with your villas from their smart phone or tablet before they arrive. The mobile app will highlight your property’s features, and will help give your guests a feeling of connection to your property to ensure return visits.