Hotel Concierge Application

Virtual Concierge is a custom app for hotels that enhances the guest experience while adding another level of service to your property. Our concierge app is not meant to replace personal contact with your guests, but rather supplement it.

As a hotel owner, you know that answering guest questions about nearby restaurants, attractions and hotel amenities can become a repetitive and time-consuming task.  By putting all of this information at their fingertips in an easy-to-use app, Virtual Concierge makes your daily operations more efficient while increasing hotel customer satisfaction.

Our custom mobile concierge app gives your guests access to vital information about your property before they ever begin their stay. With Virtual Concierge, guests can begin connecting with your property from their smart phone or tablet before they’ve even made their reservations. Guests can:

  • Access photos and videos of your hotel
  • Find maps, directions and view property layout
  • Get on-site restaurant information
  • Make reservations for dining and other hotel services
  • View and get more information on hotel amenities
  • Find information about attractions in the surrounding areas
  • Make pre-arrival arrangements
  • Add additional nights to their stay
hotel concierge software

Highlight Your Property with Custom Hotel Branding

A custom concierge mobile app helps to showcase your property and amenities 24 hours a day. Since your app is custom branded and created to highlight your hotel, guests can learn about their in-house dining options, find special features and facilities, learn about special events, and even see pictures of your hotel right from their mobile device.

Our hotel concierge software offers mobile web integration, allowing your guests to make a number of pre-arrival reservations for accommodations, including:

  • Restaurants and Dining
  • Spa Facilities
  • Business Services
  • Fitness Classes
  • Recreational Activities
  • Luggage Storage
  • Transportation

Mobile web integration also allows your guests to make in-stay requests, access calendars of events, and receive promotional notifications. With the option to make reservations for restaurants and facilities at their fingertips, guests can create a custom itinerary for their stay at your property.

Additionally, guests can make special requests from the mobile app without needing to wait for arrival. With your custom mobile app, guests can take full advantage of your hotel’s features at their convenience.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction with Hospitality Technology

Guests who have access to information about your hotel and the surrounding areas from your custom mobile concierge app are more likely to extend their stay. Having advance knowledge of special events, museums, restaurants, and other special attractions in the areas near your property can help your guests discover additional reasons to not only stay at your property, but to plan for a longer trip. Also, guests who are currently on-site and enjoying their stay, can bring up the custom virtual concierge mobile app to quickly and conveniently add additional nights to their current stay.

Increase Return Visits with your Mobile Concierge Service

After the trip is over, your custom mobile app remains in your guest’s smart phone or tablet. Another souvenir from their trip to your hotel, it can not only remind them of their stay at your property, but also encourage them to begin planning their return trip.

Branded for your property, the app helps guests feel connected to your hotel after their stay, ensuring that your property is their first choice for a return visit. As your property makes updates to the mobile app, guests who have already installed the app will receive the updates and have the most up to date information about your property. With one click, they can begin exploring current specials and make return reservations from their smart phone or tablet.

With a custom mobile app from Virtual Concierge, your guests can begin connecting with your hotel from their smart phone or tablet before they arrive. The mobile app will highlight your property’s features, encourage extended stays, and help give your guests a feeling of connection to ensure return visits.

Hotel Concierge App