Give the patients of your hospital and their family members access to concierge-type services 24 hours a day with a custom mobile concierge app from Virtual Concierge. Patients and family members can access important information about your facility right from their smart phones or tablets, including:

  • Photos
  • Maps and directions
  • Hospital services
  • On-site dining options
  • Parking information
  • Nearby restaurants
  • Shopping and attractions

Your hospitality app is custom branded for your facility, and provides an innovative way to showcase your hospital’s amenities and services to current and future patients. Virtual Concierge gives you access to a powerful marketing tool that can be shared globally throughout your website as well as email communications. Our advanced hospitality technology gives guests and their loved ones a professional and interactive reference system to help make their experience with your facility a more positive one.

Mobile Hospitality application

Improving the Patient Experience

A custom mobile concierge app, branded for your hospital, will be available for your guests to download from the iTunes or Google Play stores. Patients and family members can simply install the app onto their mobile devices and have immediate access to vital information about your hospital before they ever leave their homes. Additionally, patients, friends, and family members can:

  • Make special requests
  • Learn about parking options
  • See maps and directions to the hospital
  • Find important contact information
  • Locate convenient dining and shopping destinations
  • Determine appropriate lodging options in the area

All of this and more can be accomplished from directly within the custom app. Hospital stays by nature are not typically considered “pleasant”. Providing hospital guests with a convenient solution to navigating their stay and alleviating the inherent stress of a hospital visit can go a long way in improving their experience with your facility.

Creating your own custom hospitality application can help your hospital move further in the direction of “patient-centered care” which will inevitably improve your hospital’s reputation. The more positive the patient experience is, the more highly rated your facility will be. Research shows that a hospital’s reputation drives utilization, and once an individual selects and utilizes a hospital, they are more likely to utilize that same facility for future healthcare needs.

A Custom App for Patient Peace of Mind

With your custom mobile concierge app for hospitals, patients can review the services of your facility and find vital contact information for appointments and procedures. Patients can also review pictures of the hospital and grounds, see maps of the hospital, learn about the surrounding areas, and read about staff members in order to begin building a relationship before their visit to your hospital.

Out-patients will find that the extra information they can get in advance allows them a stress-free visit. For patients who are facing a long-term stay, having a familiarity with the facility and the surrounding areas can bring peace of mind to themselves and their family members.

Informative Hospitality Technology

Your custom mobile app can highlight restaurants, shopping, attractions, and lodging in the area near your hospital. For patients, as well as visiting friends and family members, having information about the local area can be vital. Patients with the option to choose between different facilities will find having information about the access to nearby restaurants, attractions, and lodging for loved ones can help inform their decision.

Out-patients and visitors can seek out restaurants, shopping, attractions, and lodging near the hospital via the convenience of the custom mobile concierge app. For those visiting a patient who is staying at the hospital for an extended period, visits can be planned with certain dining and lodging already in mind.

Patients, as well as their friends and family members, can now have access to concierge-type services 24 hours a day at your hospital with a custom mobile concierge app from Virtual Concierge. Give your patients and their family members convenience, connection, and access to local area information with your custom mobile hospitality application.

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