Concierge Mobile App Solutions

Virtual Concierge’s mobile app solutions offer guests access to the information they need, when they need it, right from their smart phone or tablet. Place a wealth of information about your property including: photos, maps and directions, amenities, special events, itineraries, restaurants, entertainment venues, and even tips to exploring the surrounding area directly into your guests’ hands. Any information your guests could need about your property or facility is available at their fingertips, 24 hours a day.


The mobile app solutions offered by Virtual Concierge are an easy and convenient way to connect with guests and visitors to your properties. A customized app, created and branded exclusively for your property, will be available for download from the iTunes or Google Play stores. Guests simply install the app on to their mobile devices and have immediate access to vital information about your property before they ever leave their homes. Additionally, guests can make special requests and reservations at on-site restaurants, book appointments at facilities, or even ask for a staff member to contact them directly from the app, with no worries about desk hours or waiting in line.


A virtual concierge mobile app is an ideal way to connect with modern travelers who prefer instant information and more control over their stays. While websites and search engines can provide these guests with online information, only a virtual concierge app can give them instant information specific to your property. Your customized mobile app will be a vital tool to helping them connect with and stay focused on your property. And while mobile apps are perfect for modern, tech savvy travelers and guests, they are still easy and fun to use for families and older guests.

Builds Loyalty

Since your custom mobile app remains on your guest’s device after departure, it is a reminder of their visit and of your property. When using their mobile device, the branded app is there to remind guests about your property, inform them of specials, and help them make reservations directly from their device. Your mobile app already being present in their device gives guests a feeling of connection and ensures that you are their first choice time and again.

Nearly every property type can reap the benefits of providing their guests with instant information via a custom mobile concierge app:

The mobile app is crafted to meet your facility’s unique needs. With a custom mobile app solution from Virtual Concierge, travelers, patients, residents, family members, and guests can download your app and have access to the vital information they need about your property when they need it, and right at their fingertips.