3 Incredible Destinations in New Zealand Every Traveler Should Experience

Consisting of 2 main islands, New Zealand is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Characterized by volcanoes, beaches, and lots of sheep this country is a unique place, to say the least. Whether this is your first or fifth time in the country, you’ll want to add these incredible destinations in New Zealand to your bucket list.


1.) Queenstown

Situated on the shores of the South Island’s Lake Wakatipu visitors will discover Queenstown. Home to some of the best food and thrills in the country, it’s easy to see why this destination makes the top of our list.

From bungee jumping off Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge or skiing the slopes of Coronet Peak – adventure awaits.

The only problem with this place? Finding a good reason to leave. Spend a few days in Queenstown and it may quickly become a lifetime.


queenstownFeatured image via Queenstown NZ

2.) Bay of Islands

Love watersports? The Bay of Islands is one of the top spots in New Zealand for fishing, sailing, and other maritime activities.

Only three hours from Auckland, the region is comprised of 144 islands in total.

Travelers looking to experience one of the most gorgeous coasts in the country should look no further than this place.

Did we mention you can even go swimming with dolphins?


bay-of-islandsFeatured image via Pure New Zealand

3.) Hobbiton

Once the movie set for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, travelers can experience a once in a lifetime destination.

Complete with hobbit holes, gardens, and even The Green Garden Inn –Hobbiton is one of the most unique destinations in New Zealand.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Middle Earth, it’s time to spend a day in this epic fantasyland.


hobbiton-destinations-in-new-zealandFeatured image via Pure New Zealand



The Top 9 Tips for Marketing a Hotel App on Social Media

Long gone are the days when a mobile app’s only hope was making it on the Google Play Store or Apple. Thanks to social media, businesses can easily connect with customers worldwide.Not only is social media cost-effective, it’s also a fantastic way for properties to increase repeat visits. Curious what it takes for a hotel app to stand out on social? Check out these top 9 tips for marketing a hotel app on social media.


1.) Connect on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide? It’s estimated there are currently over one billion people active on Facebook.

Needless to say, it pays to invest in this platform.

Hotels looking to maximize their leverage on the platform should include a call to action on their page. If looking to promote a mobile app, Facebook allows a link to download.

Which means it’s easier than ever to promote a hotel app.

2.)  Share User Generated Content

Many businesses struggle with what to post when it comes to marketing on social. However, a simple and effective fix is to share user-generated content.

What is user-generated content?

This is original and dynamic content that fans create. Whether a video, picture or even a message – user generated content builds trust.



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3.) Offer Incentives for Downloading the App

Want to make your hotel app stand out from the pack on social media? Don’t overlook the importance of creating incentives.

Users are more likely to download a property’s app if it is valuable or useful to them.

However, even the best apps need some incentive. Social media is a superb tool for enticing users to download your property’s app. Consider giving away exclusive discounts or freebies.


4.) Humanize Interactions via Social

No one likes to listen to a bot. Successful brands on social go the extra mile and make things personal. Users will respond more favorably to brands that seem relatable rather than bland.


5.) Opt for Quality over Quantity

Developing a strategy on social is key to long-term success. Particularly for hotels looking to increase mobile app downloads.

One way hoteliers can achieve this is by producing and sharing quality content.

Providing useful and valuable information helps users connect with a brand. Hotels that take the time to understand and connect with their audience will reap the most benefits from social


6.) Build a Following on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular visual oriented social networks. An ideal platform for posting photos and videos, Instagram is a powerful outlet.



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7.) Showcase Videos of Your Hotel App

Want users to experience your hotel’s mobile app? Of course, you do! Luckily, social media is an ideal outlet for promoting your app.

Showcase your app’s features and highlights with a video on mobile. Offer sneak-peaks of special features.

After all, there is nothing quite like seeing an app in action! Videos are visual storytelling at it’s finest.


8.) Share Content on Twitter

Messages on Twitter may be short (no more than 140 characters) but they can absolutely pack a punch.

Twitter makes connecting with your target audience a breeze. By tagging (@Username) you can connect with a user instantly.

Plus, hotels can market their app by including the link to the download page in their bio.


9.) Make a Long-Term Commitment

Building an engaged following takes time. Social media is far from an overnight strategy.

However, the opportunity is huge.

Social media allows brands to connect with users around the globe in real-time. Which means that hotels can build awareness of their mobile app for a fraction of the cost in comparison to traditional marketing methods. Brands that make a long-term commitment to a social strategy can expect generous returns.

amazing hotels fiji

6 Amazing Hotels You Can Experience in Fiji

Tucked away in the South Pacific you will find islands of your dreams.

An archipelago of more than 300 islands, Fijis by far one of the most incredible places on this planet. Tumbling waterfalls to lush jungles, these islands have it all.

If you’re looking to experience paradise, don’t miss these 6 amazing hotels.


1.) Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Located only 19 miles from the Nadi International Airport is the Likuliku Lagoon Resort. Sitting directly on the beachfront, the property features traditional huts.

All meals and drinks are included in the reservations. So for travelers looking to rest easy, the Likuliku Lagoon Resort is a win!

If it didn’t get even sweeter, the resort is only 3 miles from the Malolo Barrier Reef.


Likuliku Lagoon ResortFeatured image via Exquisite Fiji

2.) Savasi Island Villas

A secluded paradise set on a private 52-acre island, the Savasi Island Villas offer a once in a lifetime experience. Featuring pristine color reefs, gorgeous clear waters, and views to gaze for days – this resort is truly out of this world.

Perfect for honeymoons or for those simply looking to get away, the Savasi Island Villas are sure to delight.

Travelers looking to beat the crowds and experience island luxury living will need to add this hotel to their bucket list.



Featured image via Savasi Island FIJI

3.) Navini Island Resort

Ready, set, relax. The Navini Island Resort is a magical escape. Situated one of the smallest island resorts, this private property offers pristine views.

Travelers across the globe come to experience this incredible place. After all, when you’re greeted with a smile and drink in the middle of a tropical paradise, it’s hard to say no.


navini-island-resortFeatured image via Passport & Journal

4.) Tokoriki Island Resort

It doesn’t get much more luxurious than the Tokoriki Island Resort. Only accessible by boat or plane, this place is private, to say the least.

Featuring a blend of traditional and modern décor, the accommodations at the resort quickly make guests feel at home.

Did we mention that some of the villas include plunge pools? How about a private infinity pool? The Tokoriki Island Resort is sure to blow even the most seasoned travelers away.


tokoriki-island-resortFeatured image via Fiji Vacations

5.) Nukubati Private Island

Searching for an adventure? Travelers looking to take advantage of world-class diving, snorkeling, and boating should consider staying on the Nukubati Private Island.

A place where luxury meets eco-friendly, the secluded island provides incredible accommodations and scenic views.

Only allowing a select number of guests to visit at a time, this is one place you will want to reserve well ahead of time.


nukubatiFeatured image via Nukubati

6.) Naqalia Lodge

A tiny resort with a big personality, the Naqalia Lodge offers a truly authentic Fijian experience. Set in the stunning southern Yasawas, the little resort offers far more than accommodations alone.

Established by the Tagova clan of Waya Lailai Island, the family who owns and operates the property seeks to immerse visitors in Fijian way of life.

Travelers can look forward to a relaxing and educational stay when visiting this amazing place.



Featured image via Naqalia Lodge




4 Things to Know About Hotel Concierge Applications

Did you know hotel concierge applications are becoming an industry staple?

From industry leaders like the Hilton to independent boutique properties, mobile apps are dominating travel. A study of global travelers even revealed that they know consider their smartphone to be their “most indispensable” travel companion.

Curious how your property can take advantage of mobile opportunities? Consider these 4 benefits of hotel mobile apps.


#1 Allow Pre-Arrival Arrangements

A custom app allows guests to finalize plans prior to arrival. In fact, guests can take full advantage of your property’s features at their convenience.

Special dietary restrictions? How about language preferences? With mobile, in just a few swipes guests have what they need when they need it.

Because your app is branded and created to highlight your property, travelers can feel connected to your hotel before check-in.


#2 Highlight Property Features

What is one of the biggest advantages to mobile for hoteliers? A custom concierge app showcases your property and amenities 24 hours a day.

Instead of having to wait around, guests can access exactly what they need. While not meant to replace personal contact, a hotel app improves efficiency.

Not only does having an app improve guest satisfaction, it also frees employees’ time, allowing them to provide superior service.


#3 Increase Return Visits

Guests are more likely to increase their stay if it is a simple process. No one likes waiting around, especially when they are traveling.

A mobile app allows guests to make or extend their reservation within minutes. In fact, they don’t even have to head to the front desk.

Properties looking to maximize return visits should leverage mobile opportunities.


#4 Enjoy Custom Experience

Travelers today overwhelming express a desire for unique travel experiences. Long gone are the days of the “cookie-cutter” traveler.

Hotels must respond to this demand. A simple yet effective way to do this is through a hotel app.

With mobile, guests can create their custom trip. Fromm ordering room-service to planning activities, mobile makes these tasks a breeze.


Learn More About Hotel Mobile Apps


5 Incredible Hotels You Can Experience in Amsterdam

The Netherlands’ capital has so much to offer. Amsterdam is known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning canals. Often considered to be one of Europe’s greatest cities, the Dutch capital attracts travelers across the globe. If you’re looking to experience this breathtaking destination in the best way possible, don’t miss these 5 incredible hotels.


1.) Hotel Fita

It’s easy to fall in love with the down-to-earths rooms and warm furnishing in Hotel Fita. Just a few minutes walk from the tram and bus station, Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum – Hotel Fita provides total convenience. Travelers looking to explore the city will find this hotel to be an excellent choice.



Featured image via Amsterdam Travel Guide


2.) Mauro Mansion

Overlooking the canal is a quirky boutique hotel – the Mauro Mansion. A 16th-century building, the hotel features a colorful and dramatic interior. Visitors can expect a mix of antiques, funky furnishings, and flat-screen TVs. Some rooms include canal views along with whirlpool tubs.



Featured image via Trip Advisor

3.) Canal House

Set in 17th-century merchants’ houses, the Canal House is one of the city’s most unique places. A location overlooking the Keizersgracht canal, the hotel is set in a convenient and beautiful location in town. On the interior, the Canal House includes timbers beams and fireplaces. Making this incredible hotel the perfect cozy getaway.



Featured image via Canal House Amsterdam

4.) Ambassade Hotel

A luxury hotel, Ambassade Hotel is comprised of 10 townhouses. Just a short walk from the tram stop, the hotel features an upscale and contemporary interior. Some suites even include separate living areas, balcony, and a kitchen. Good news for pet owners – the property even allows pets.



Featured image via Amsterdam Travel Guide

5.) The Toren

A glamorous and eye-catching boutique hotel, The Toren is set in a pair of 17th-century houses on the canal. Offering gorgeous canal views along with lavish suites, it’s easy to see why The Toren is a popular choice for visitors. Travelers looking to experience one of the most incredible hotels in Amsterdam should look no further than this stunning property.



Featured image via Stylish Luxury Hotels



10 Hotel Mobile App Essentials

Curious what it to takes to build a great hotel mobile app?

While it’s a no brainer that mobile offers guests another point of contact with your property, some apps are better than others. However, the real question is why – why do some apps perform better than others?

Take a look at these 10 hotel mobile app essentials.


1.) Ability to Make Reservations

One of the biggest advantages of a hotel mobile app is the ability to make a booking within minutes. Instead of calling and waiting on the front desk or logging onto a desktop, in a few taps on a smartphone someone can easily place their reservation. In other words, mobile should make booking as seamless as possible.


2.) Apple and Android Capabilities

Great multiple apps are available for all devices. While an app on iTunes or the Google Play Store is a great first step, quality apps should be on both. Hotels that want to reach the greatest amount of guests need to be easily accessible. And that means being available on multiple devices.


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3.) In-App Web Integration

Hotel mobile apps today must fully integrate with a property’s webpage. The most successful apps allow users to easily navigate in and outside of the app. Savvy hoteliers capitalize on this technology to create a better user experience.


4.) Push Notifications

Searching for a marketing message that will actually resonate with your target audience? Hotel mobile apps today are a powerful marketing tool. By sending push notifications, hotels can alert guests of timely specials, deals, and promotions.


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5.) Front Desk Support

There’s no need to leave guests waiting. Hotel mobile apps that integrate front desk support provide guests another level of service. By reducing wait times, visitors can access what they want when they need it. Allowing hoteliers more time to focus on other customer support tasks.


6.) Directions To and From Property

Getting lost is frustrating. Not to mention stressful. Hotel mobile apps that include directions to and from a property are a great resource for guests. Rather than waiting for a webpage to load, someone can simply tap on the app to find the info they need.


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7.) Virtual Tours

A great hotel app is a visual aid for guests. A well-built mobile app allows guests to experience a property before arrival. After all, it’s easier than ever to showcase all that your property has to offer.


8.) Favorites Features

A hotel mobile app shouldn’t be a one-time experience for guests. One way hoteliers keep guests returning for more is by using a “favorites” feature. Allowing guests to highlight and save their favorite amenities or travel dates, the mobile app becomes a useful resource for guests.


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9.) Social Sharing Ability

Social media is a fantastic tool for generating buzz. Hotel mobile apps that are looking to maximize awareness always include a social sharing ability. In fact, a quality hotel mobile app should be compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other social media a hotel is active on.


10.) Geofencing Support

Reaching potential guests are the right moment is crucial when it comes to bookings and reservations for hotels. One way hoteliers are able to ensure the efficiency of their messages is through geofencing technology. Sending push notifications within a specific geographical radiance, geofencing is a powerful marketing tool.

Learn More About Custom Hotel Mobile Apps 


7 Beautiful Places in Panama Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Panama offers a beautiful diversity of terrain. Home to the Panama Canal, built in 1914, Panama is at the heart of international shipping.

Conveniently located between the Pacific and Caribbean, Panama provides an ideal shipping location. However, there is so much more to this country than trade routes.

Panama is compromised of coffee fields, quiet villages, bustling cities, and much more. Rich in diversity and full of beauty, here are 7 places in Panama that will blow you away.


1.) Coiba

A diver’s paradise, Coiba is home to over 800 sea creatures. The Coiba National Park in Panama is known worldwide for its extensive marine life. In fact, Coiba island in the park is the largest in Central America.



Featured image via Star Clippers Blog

2.) Santa Catalina

Travelers looking to get off the beaten should look no further than Santa Catalina. Once a sleepy coastal town, this area is recognized around the world for its jaw-dropping beauty. While there’s not many modern convinces here, there is an abundance of wildlife. When you have beautiful beaches, who care about anything else?



Featured image via Visit Santa Catalina

3.) Pearl Islands

Once unheard of, Pearl Islands is a picture-perfect getaway. Making it on the map after the TV-show Survivor was filmed there, Pearl Islands is a popular tourist destination. With green jungles, white sand, and beautiful blue water – it’s easy to see why people love coming to Panama’s Pearl Islands.



Featured image via Sanblas-Islands


4.) Volcan Baru

Located at Panama’s highest geographical point is Volcan Baru. Offering an epic adventure for hikers and climbers, the Volcan Baru is a natural wonder. For those looking to take things a bit easier, there are hot springs located 30 minutes from town.



Featured image via The Adventure Junkies

5.) Boquete

Known as the “Valley of Flowers,” Boquete offers beauty out of this world. Located along the western border of Panama, Boquete is a mountain village. From zip lining to hot springs, there are countless adventures in Boquete. In fact, travelers can even go whitewater rafting on the Chiriquí Viejo.



Featured image via International Living

6.) El Valle de Antón

Home to lush rainforests and stunning waterfalls, the small town of El Valle de Antón is nestled in the crater of an extinct volcano. Located well above sea level, the town offers cooler temps. Ideal for horseback riding or hiking, El Valle is well worth the visit.



Featured image via Casa Panama

7.) Bocas del Toro

Often referred to as Bocas Town, this area is known for its friendly atmosphere and Caribbean vibes. A province of Panama, Bocas del Toro is an island chain off of the Caribbean coast. Boasting a nightlife scene, beautiful beaches, and rainforests – this one place travelers will not want to miss.



Feature image via BocasdelToro.com



5 Incredible Ways Hotel Mobile Apps Build Guest Loyalty

Hotel mobile apps are one of a property’s most powerful assets today. Because a mobile app remains on guests’ devices after departure, it is a reminder of their visit and your hotel. However, that’s not the only advantage of having a mobile app. Just check out these 5 incredible benefits a mobile app for hotels provides.


#1 Take a Virtual Tour

A mobile app allows guests to experience all that a property has to offer. Instead of viewing static images, guests are swept away in a dynamic and interactive tour. Mobile allows a property to showcase property amenities. While it may not be the same as visiting in person, a virtual tour offers the next best thing. Especially when 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. After all, who doesn’t want to experience paradise at their fingertips?


#2 Easily Make Reservations

Curious how to increase the number of reservations at your property? A hotel mobile app provides an accessible booking tool for travelers on the go. Booking can be one seamless process when done via mobile. Which means that your property is more likely to see an increase in the number of repeat visitors. Rather than having to go through multiple channels or complete additional steps, guests can secure their reservations with minutes.


#3 Access Hotel Amenities

Smartphones are handy tools for just about everything – including accessing hotel amenities. Need to book a spa appointment? Secure it via mobile. How about making a reservation for a party of 8? Easily completed through a mobile app. Hotel apps take the hassle out of making reservations. It also frees your staff to provide more personalized attention for guests.


#4 Locate Special Deals

Alerting guests of your property’s latest promotions is a breeze with mobile. Whether notifying via text message or through push notifications, a hotel app is a powerful marketing tool. Not only does it keep guests in the know, it also promotes your property. With geofencing technology, hotels can ensure these messages are timely. A hotel app is a powerful way for properties to stand out with their marketing messages and break through the noise.


#5 Book Return Visits

If a guest has a great experience, they are likely to come back to the property. However, it’s also always a good idea to create incentive. With a mobile app, guests are not only reminded of their stay, they are also more likely to return. Booking can be completed with just a few taps. Mobile apps can cultivate a long-term relationship with guests.


Want to learn more about custom apps for hotels? Click the link above or Send Virtual Concierge a Message.


Top 5 Destinations for Travelers in Thailand

Searching for a place where you can discover ancient temples? How about pristine beaches? Thailand is full of unique destinations. From hundreds of remote islands to bustling streets, Thailand has no shortage of remarkable sights to see. Here is a look at the top 7 destinations for travelers in Thailand.


1.) Bangok’s Grand Palace

Prepared to be blown away by this 218,000-square-meter walled city. Full of thrones, halls, royal residences, and Buddhist temples – you will want to leave a minimum of 3 hours to explore this place.


bangkokgrandpalaceFeatured image via PlanetWare


2.) Elephant Nature Park

Travelers heading to Chiang Mai, a day in the elephant nature park is a must. Opened in 1992, the park has become a world-renowned elephant sanctuary. All proceeds from the park go towards the care of the creatures.


elephant-nature-park-thailand-18-mFeatured image via Nomadic Samuel

3.) Phang Nga

Travelers looking to enjoy Thailand’s terrain should make a stop in Phang Nga. A province notorious for its spectacular scenery and incredible diving, Phang Nga is sure to delight. Famous for the Phang Nga Bay National Park, a geographical wonder, this province in Thailand is one you will not want to miss.


phangngabayFeatured image via Phucket

4.) Bo Sang Umbrella Village

Just 30 minutes outside of Chiang Mai you will find Bo Sang village. Home to handmade bamboo parasols (umbrellas), the village is bursting with color. Visitors can learn how the parasols are made along with purchase whatever designs they like.


bosangFeatured image via Surf and Sunshine

5.) Koh Lanta Island

Visitors searching for pristine beaches should look no further than this gorgeous escape. Offering a rustic charm in comparison to bustling beach towns like Phuket, Koh Lanta Island is ideal for relaxing. With crystal clear waters and white sand shorelines, it’s easy for travelers in Thailand to fall in love with this piece of paradise.


kohlantaFeatured image via Backpacker Insights


8 Vital Tips for Marketing A Hotel Mobile App

Curious what it takes to have a successful app? While you will no doubt need a great app – you will also need great marketing.

In order for people to choose and use your hotel mobile app, your property needs a mobile marketing game plants. After all, even though app downloads peak within weeks of launch, they can take a massive plummet without the right approach.

Discover how you can maximize the power of mobile with these 8 vital marketing tips.


1.) Promote Your Mobile App Through Your Website

A website for your hotel is an industry standard. Thanks to technology, travelers are increasingly searching for their accommodations online. And if people are going to your website, they could just as easily (if not even easier!) use your mobile app. Hotels should be proactive in their online promotion. Don’t settle for a small download link in the corner of the website. Prominently place your promotions when appropriate.


2.) Get Your Hotel Mobile App in iOS and Android Stores

Is your hotel mobile app in the Google Play store? How about iTunes? Maximizing long-term download and retention rates require visibility. Potential users don’t want to spend more time than they have to look for your property’s mobile app. Make it easy as possible for people to download your hotel app by placing it in the iOS and Android Stores.


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3.) Include a Link to the App in Your Email Signature

Incorporating a link in your email signature is a simple yet effective way to promote your property’s app. In addition, having your hotel’s customer service team include a link in their email signature will help promote the app even further. Simple to implement, a link to provides potential guests another incentive to download the app.


4.) Promote Your Hotel Mobile App on Social Media

Looking for a mobile strategy you can implement immediately at your property? Consider including a link to the download page for your hotel app on social media. Not only will this help your hotel reach customers on social, it will also create another advertising outlet. Social media is a great tool for supporting your advertising efforts.


Click Here to Learn More About Custom Hotel Apps

5.) Notify Loyal Subscribers of Your Mobile App

Does your hotel currently have a list of subscribers? If so, they should be some of the first people to know about your hotel’s mobile app. People read emails on their smart phones every single day. Which means it is also the perfect place to promote your hotel’s mobile app. Marketing on mobile starts in the inbox. Don’t leave your loyal fans out of the loop. Let them know all of the surprises and bonuses your property has to offer.


6.) Blog About Your Hotel Mobile App

Not every guest or potential guest will make it on your mailing list. One way to let people know about your app is by blogging about it. After all, unlike an email newsletter, a blog post can be read by virtually anyone. Create a blog post letting users know what they can expect from using your hotel mobile app. Be sure to include screenshots and other teasers.


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7.) Create a Contest within Your App

After launch, a lot of people discover their mobile app download rates are on the decline. But it doesn’t have to be that way. While pre-launch mobile app marketing gets all the hype, it’s a long-term game plan that will generate real results. Create a contest within your hotel’s mobile app. Incentive users by offering different rewards for sharing content.

8.) Mention Your Hotel App to Current Guests

Building buzz online for your mobile app is only one piece of the puzzle. For many travelers, word of mouth is still king. While it may seem apparent, don’t forget to remind guests in-person about your hotel mobile app. A simple explanation can go a long way. Allowing guests to experience all that your mobile app has to offer is likely to keep them coming back for more.