Concierge Mobile Apps for Assisted Living Facilities

Give the residents of your assisted living facility access to concierge-type services 24 hours a day with a custom mobile concierge app from Virtual Concierge. Residents and their family members can access important information about your facility right from their smart phones or tablets, including:

  • Photos
  • Maps and directions
  • Menus
  • Entertainment
  • Programs and amenities
  • Travel options
  • Staff contact information

Virtual Concierge can help improve quality of life for your senior residents by providing easy access to information and boosting awareness of the programs available to them. These customizable and easy-to-use set of apps directly connect your residents to your community’s services and amenities. Virtual Concierge allows both the resident and their family members to check community event schedules and find activities that they might enjoy.

Assisted Living Mobile Concierge App

Peace of Mind

A custom mobile concierge app can offer your residents and their families peace of mind since they can get access to information on demand at any time of day or night. For family members with a loved one in your assisted living facility, a status check can be as close as their mobile device. Family members can use the app to check for activities that the resident might enjoy and can even use the app to check to see if their loved ones are participating in scheduled meetings and events. Additionally, residents can use the app to ensure that they have easy contact to staff and to make special requests.


For residents in your assisted living facility, a mobile concierge app can be a convenient way to connect to others in the facility. Residents can easily be notified of special events and activities via the concierge app. Utilizing the custom mobile app, residents can sign up for special activities right from their smart phone or tablet without needing to visit a desk or sign up area. Also, special requests, appointments, travel arrangements and more can all be available right at your resident’s fingertips.

Area Information

Your custom mobile app can highlight restaurants, shopping, and attractions in the area near your facility. For families choosing between different facilities for their loved ones, access to nearby restaurants and attractions can help inform their decision. Visits to see a resident can be planned with certain attractions or restaurants in mind. Also, reassuring residents and their family members that they will have access to familiar shops, favorite restaurants, and easy access to transportation can aid in the transition for residents to your assisted living facility. Additionally, more active residents can benefit from knowing about outings that are offered based on restaurants, shopping, and attractions that are available in the area of your facility.

Get your Custom Mobile Concierge App Today!

Residents of your assisted living facility can now have access to concierge-type services 24 hours a day with a custom mobile concierge app from Virtual Concierge. Give residents and their family members peace of mind, convenience, and access to local area information with your custom concierge mobile app.

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